• You have gone to the gym and didn´t know how to use the work out equipment.

  • You don´t like to go to the gym because you feel ashamed working out in front of men.

  • You want to tone and find your feminine shape.


What is VIP FITNESS about?
The goal of our program is to help you to lose fat at the time you are toning and increasing your muscle mass.

Moreover, each VIP Lady gets a monthly body analysis; we take pictures of their full body showing the before and after pictures to see how they are progressing. 

How to join the Boot Camp?
We know that each female body is different, for that reason is that in VIP FITNESS we offer 3 FREE CLASSES, where you will try all the workouts from our program in companion of our VIP Ladies and know if this is for you (we are sure it will). Remember, these 3 sessions are completely free and without any extra charge.

How do I start?
If you are ready to start your body transformation so go ahead and book your 3 free classes. Please, fill out the next contact form: